4 Signs It’s Time to Call Your AC Repair Service Technician

You need to understand when your AC needs repair or maintenance. Of course, most of the repairs do not have you to call for professional help right away, but you should not wait for too long. If you are looking for air conditioning repair, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional assistance. We will make your AC repair work a lot simpler. And, always remember, a broken air conditioner is never a DIY job!

4 Situations When You Should Call AC Repair

When your AC is blowing warm air

 The most important purpose of your air conditioner is to blow cool air into your home and provide comfort to you and your family AC Replacement in Glendale, CA. So what if it isn’t doing that anymore? Are you having trouble with your home not cooling down fast enough? If your ac is blowing warm air, then you need to get it repaired. If you’re from Glendale and are searching for air conditioning repair, then you can come to our team for the AC work you need to be done.  

When your AC is making strange noises

 It’s unusual for your air conditioning unit to make weird noises. It’s not a problem if it is not completely silent but keep an eye for problematic sounds like:

  • Loud rattling
  • Grinding or grating
  • Squeaky noises
  • Banging and clicking sounds

 Your air conditioner should not be something that’s noises you need to block out by playing music or distracting yourself in some other way. If these weird noises are bothering you, then maybe it’s a good time to get it checked. If you want us to check your ac, call us for HVAC Repair in Glendale.

When the energy bills are higher than usual

 It is common for your energy bills to fluctuate due to climate and your needs. But, if you have been using your AC as usual and you notice that your energy bills are way higher than usual, then it is time to call us for your air conditioning repair in Glendale, CA. Unusually high energy bills are a sign of trouble as it means that your air conditioner is not working efficiently. 

We are offering some of the extensive services which are mentioned below:

When your AC is leaking

 Are you noticing that your air conditioner is leaking from the outdoor unit? This is not normal and is a bad sign for your AC. Many homeowners try to ignore this problem for as long as they possibly can. You may think that “Certainly the outdoor system leaking would not impact my thermostat or my indoor AC unit, right?” Well, in case you believe that it wouldn’t have any impact on your ac unit, then you are mistaken! This will cause your air conditioning unit to break down. If you’re from Glendale and are facing AC leaks, call us for AC replacement. Such an issue needs to be addressed immediately for the longevity of your AC unit.  

Get in touch with Evans Heating And Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment with our team for your AC repair in Glendale, CA.

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