Understanding The Heating System of Your Home

The HVAC market is enormous, with numerous types of heating systems available. Multiple brands with several features and various options to choose from. Different models are associated with different factors like the size of your property, and the climate of your city. While choosing the best-suited equipment for your house is an important task, taking care of proper and regular maintenance is as important.

Before you are left clueless in the middle of the cold winter season with guests, friends, and family chilled to the bones here are a few things for you to have a better grasp of your Heating System. Let’s try to understand what type of heating system you might be using.

Types of Home Heating Systems

Here we will discuss the three most common types of Heating Systems:

Central Heating System

A central heating system is a ducted system that provides warm air to the entire interior of the building, all rooms and hallways included. It is called the Central heating System because the heat is generated at a central source and distributed to the whole building from there through a network of pipes, ducts, or vents.

Central Heating System is further classified under three types:

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Ductless Heating System

Unlike the ductless heating system, a ducted heating system does not require a large space or vents and ducts to keep your house warm. These systems are standalone and easy to install. They come in two units, one is placed inside and one outside. It is energy efficient and heats the room it’s installed inside.

Ductless Heating System comes in three different types:

  • Mini Split Heat Pump
  • Window AC with heat
  • Portable standing AC with heat

Direct Heating System

A direct Heating System is the conventional method of heating, directly from the heat source itself. Neither does it require a network of ducts nor comes in two units. This compact source of heat is also a lot cheaper than installing a Central Heating System or Ductless Heating system. It is best suited for small rooms and spaces.

Direct Heating Systems are of three types:

  • Gas-Fired Space Heaters
  • Unvented Gas-fired Heaters
  • Electric Heaters

It is important to understand the different components of your heating systems. For different parts require different types of care and maintenance. While pipes and vents require a thorough cleaning every once in a while in the case of the Central Heating System, you also need to be mindful of the unit placed outside in the Ductless Heating System.

Different systems require different care and service. You should schedule a proper and thorough servicing of the system every year before the start of the winter season. If not maintained properly they might need a proper and certified replacement of parts or the whole system.

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