Things to Keep In Mind Before An AC Replacement

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Summers have already arrived in Glendale, and this is high time we ensure that our air conditioners are working correctly for the comfortable living of our families. If that is not the case and the machine seems to be beyond repair, replacing it with a new air conditioning system is better. 

However, AC replacement is a significant decision for which you will have to consider several factors. To provide you with the factors which should be kept in mind before getting your HVAC Repair in Glendale, we have compiled a list of the three most important factors to consider before replacing your air conditioner:

Do I need an air conditioning replacement?

Before you plan on buying a new air conditioner, you should first ask yourself whether you need a replacement or not. There might be a strong possibility that your old system needs some overhauling to make it work to its full extent. The average lifespan of an AC unit is said to be about 15-20 years.

Professional service and replacement could fix your system to make it run a few more years without compromising significantly on efficiency. If your malfunctioning air conditioner is not over its approximate life span, it can still be repaired by an HVAC service technician. The technician will inform you whether repairs are worth the investment or not. However, there are times when the cost of repairs might even exceed the cost of a new system. In that case, it is recommended to replace the air conditioner. 

What kind of AC am I looking for?

When you are looking for an AC replacement in Glendale, CA, there are many available air conditioners based on the type of system you are looking for. When you are looking for a replacement and don’t want to go for the standard central AC, you can choose a heat pump instead. A heat pump has the advantage of providing both air conditioning and heating. 

Another alternative is a ductless mini-split system, which negates the need for ductwork. These options are not suitable for every home. Your installer can recommend the right option for you, depending on your home and budget.

What are my requirements in terms of size and power?

It is essential to keep in mind your expectations for the new air conditioning system before you replace your old one. Each home has its cooling requirements, and getting a new AC that is either too large or too small can lead to wastage of energy. The amount of comfort will also be compromised. You must first determine the load requirements of heating and cooling for your home. Professional installers can help you in this regard. We recommend asking your installer to do a heat load calculation to evaluate the BTUs.  

Evans Heating & Air is an AC repair company that offers HVAC repair services for residential and commercial purposes. To schedule an appointment for AC Replacement Glendale CA, call us today at (818) 415-8966 for AC Repair in Glendale CA