5 Signs That Your Homes Air Conditioner Might Be Failing

Keeping your home cool in the hot, humid summers requires a lot of work from your air conditioner. However, your air conditioner may fail after several years of heavy use.

You’ll save money and avoid the aggravation of a complete system breakdown when you perform AC repair in Glendale, CA early on.

Look at some of the most evident AC failure signs

  • Hot air: You may have a broken compressor or a refrigerant leak if your air conditioner suddenly blows warm air instead of cold air.
  • Too many repairs: Your air conditioner probably won’t have much life left if you have to contact air conditioning repair in Glendale, CA, regularly. It’s better to acquire a new device than to keep paying for repairs for some time.
  • Moisture: Moisture or leaks indicate an issue. Sometimes this is a simple issue, like something clogging the drain tube. Not an emergency, but fix it to prevent mold growth.
  • Smells: If you notice a strong, pungent smell, this could mean the wire insulation in your system has burned and needs to be replaced. Musty odors put your family’s health in danger, so watch these warning signs.
  • Leak: Leaks in your plumbing or air conditioning system are never a good sign. Condensation can occur in small amounts. A large pool or discoloration can detect refrigerant leaks.

Contact a professional service for your HVAC needs

Your air conditioner is susceptible to a wide range of problems. To ensure that your system is fixed correctly, it is crucial to have an expert business to call when you are experiencing problems.

Get in touch with Evans Heating & Air to solve all your AC issues. Our goal is to always be on top of HVAC service and repair. Contact us for AC repair in Glendale, CA for the best service.

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