6 Safety Heating Tips For Winter

As we all know, winters in Glendale, CA, hit really badly due to heavy rains. A heater is very essential in winters to keep you warm. Here’s Evans Heating & Air—a Furnace Repair in Glendale, with some tips for your heating system to stay warm in the chilling weather.

Replace HVAC Filters

As per expert advice, one should change air filters every three months or at least every season. All through the season when your HVAC unit is not in use, dust, and debris block the filters which eventually is not good for your health. Choose the right filter to breathe in safe air. The filter can be selected from anywhere but is recommended to be done under expert guidance. Evans Heating & Air—a heating service company in Glendale, CA, guides you through the right steps to take care of your heating system.

Set up your thermostat

Before turning up your heating system for the season, don’t forget to calibrate your thermostat. The heating mode of your HVAC system has to be turned ‘ON’. After setting the thermostat on heating mode check for uniform heating throughout the house. If there is an irregularity in the heating pattern, call Evans Heating & Air—a heating repair company in Glendale, CA, at (818) 415-8966.

Test for Harmful Gases

Any type of furnace releases harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. CO is known to be a suffocating gas that is poisonous in nature. Inhalation of CO can lead to death. Install CO detectors with your furnace to keep a check on the level of carbon monoxide. You can also contact our experts at Evans Heating & Air—a heating repair company in Glendale, CA, on (818) 415-8966, if you have a doubt. Apart from Carbon Monoxide detectors, a humidifier is also recommended to keep the indoor air moist.

Gas Furnace Repair in Glendale

The most common types of gas Furnace Repair in Glendale need to be protected from rain and snow when not in use. This also includes the open unit which is usually in the backyard or in an open area. However, do not cover the vents and the gas outlets.

Clean the Duct Vents

According to our experts, vacuuming and dusting the air duct vents gives a longer life to your system and longer warm hugs to your family. While changing temperature makes sure that the vents are open and delivering the desired heating. Do check for the opening of vents throughout the ducting unit.

Look for hindrances

Household objects such as furniture, cupboards, and storage boxes might be blocking the vents of the unit. Before switching on your system, look for such blockages to be safe and also for efficient heating.

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Experts Know the Best

We at Evans Heating & Air— a heating repair in Glendale, CA, and furnace repair, recommend you get your heating system inspected by our trained professionals. From cleaning your heating unit thoroughly to lubricating moving parts, we take care of everything that your system demands. For the complete solution to your winter problems call (818) 415-8966. We also offer Heating Services in Glendale, CA, and surrounding areas.

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